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Marlon. Capricorn. The story of my life is written on sheet music. I sing well. Not a singer. I dance well. Not a dancer. I draw well. Not a "drawer." I can act. Not an actor. Intelligent. Thinker. Lover. Fighter. Friend. I write well. Writer. I don't think I'm better than you. I have people like you thinking it for me.


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Promise/I Get So Lonely Mash-Up (Unmastered Snippet)

Bust Your Windows/I Care Mash-Up (Ending)

Bust Your Windows/I Care Mash-Up (Ending)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Fall in love ;)

The road to 180 lbs is being traveled rather briskly this time around

#BeyonceBowl #KELLYROWLAND #Beyonce #DC3

#nowplaying “Always Be My Baby” I kept messing up…and got lazy halfway thru =/ #music #classic #Queenriah (Taken with Instagram)

Break It, Buy It (Unmastered Snippet)

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